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Personal Accident Insurance

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Personal Accident Insurance


Reliance Individual Personal Accident Insurance


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​​​​​​​​​​​​​We all have heard this saying - it’s better to be safe than sorry! It takes less than a minute for an accident to turn your life upside down. Thankfully, Reliance Personal Accident insurance is there for you! It reimburses your medical expenses and provides compensatio​n in case of disability or death caused by accidents.

W​hat is Personal Accident Insurance?


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you suffer from an accident or injury that affects your ability to work? Here’s everything you need to know about personal accident insurance cover. A Personal Accident Insurance offers financial compensation in the event of bodily injuries leading to total/partial disability or death caused due to accidents. This policy ensures the financial stability of an individual and his family if he/she gets injured or dies in an accident.

Who Should Buy Personal Accident Insurance?


A Personal Accident Insurance is essential for everyone, irrespective of their age, occupation, and health. You should ideally buy this plan as soon as you start working. Even after taking extensive precautions, accidents do occur. This may result in disablement or loss of limbs or sometimes even death. In that case, a personal accident insurance policy proves to be a saviour. The premium of a personal accident cover depends on the occupation you are in.

Mentioned in the list below are three categories under which occupational risks can be segmented.

Low RiskHigh RiskVery High Risk
TeachersCash carrying employeesJournalists
LawyersBuilders, contractors & engineers engaged in superintending functions onlyWorker at explosive industries
BankersGarage & motor mechanicsMountaineers


Benefits of owning a Personal Accident Insurance Policy


Nobody wants to get into an accident, but it’s an unfortunate reality for a lot of people every year; while you can’t plan for the when and where you can surely prepare yourself against the trauma of the event.

When a major car wreck happens, or a simple trip and fall incidence happens, then is the time when you will realize the advantage of having a personal accident cover. Since the number of vehicles is increasing exponentially in India, chances of meeting a road accident has increased to another level. As we have already mentioned earlier, it's always better to be safe than sorry; we advise you to buy a personal accident insurance policy to get a financial cushion against such mishaps.

To give you a better understanding of the same, we have listed down a few advantages of having a personal accident insurance policy.

  • Family security
  • Worldwide coverage
  • No requirement of medical tests and documentation
  • Substantial coverage at low premium
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses
  • Education fund for children
  • Easy and hassle-free claim process

What Does This Personal Accident Insurance Policy Cover?


Even if you are extremly cautious on the roads, your safety is not guaranteed. At Reliance General Insurance, we endeavour to provide you with the best possible personal accident insurance cover for you.

  • 100 % of the sum insured on accidental death of the insured person
  • Permanent Total Disability-
    • 100 % payment of sum insured on permanent total disablement
    • 100 % payment of sum insured in the event of loss of two limbs/two eyes or one limb and one eye
    • 50 % payment of sum insured in the event of loss of one limb or one eye
  • Specified percentage of the sum insured will be paid in case of permanent partial disability
  • This personal accidental insurance policy also has some value added benefits –
  • Carriage of mortal remains
    • A lump sum of two per cent of capital insured will be paid for transportation in the event of accidental death outside the residence (subject to maximum of Rs. 2,500)
  • Medical Expenses Extension-
    • Personal Accident Insurance Policy can be extended to cover medical expenses on the payment of extra premium.
    • Get benefit up to 40% of the compensation paid in settlement of a valid claim under the policy or 20% of the relevant sum insured or actuals, whichever is less.

What Does This Personal Accident Insurance Policy Not Cover?


We have tried to cover all the scenerios that may occur after an accident, but it is quite impossible to cover all of them. This personal accident insurance policy does not cover the following:

  • Compensation under more than one clause for same period of disability
  • Any claim in the same period of insurance exceeding the capital sum insured
  • Payment of compensation due to death or disablement arising out of
    • Suicide, attempted suicide etc.
    • Pregnancy and/or childbirth
    • War and nuclear perils
    • Ionizing radiation or radioactivity
  • HIV / AIDS / or death due to any disease
  • Natural death

Apart from the personal accident policy cover, Reliance also offers a variety of health insurance plans like family mediclaim policy, health insurance for senior citizens and cashless health insurance cover​.​

Personal Accident Insurance FAQ

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    Got my car insurance plan online​

    RAJA S1 September 2014, Mumbai
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    ​Good support from online chat, i got great help through Chat.

    Shakti5 August 2014, Mumbai
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    ​it was good to renew car insurance policy online.

    Ranjeet1 September 2014, Delhi
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    ​​very smooth process to buy policy online.

    Ankit29 July 2014, Bangalore
  • “​like the buying process on website”

    ​like the buying process on website​​

    Sachin29 July 2014, Borivali
  • “It is a good insurance coverage for vehicles​”

    ​ It is a good insurance coverage for vehicles​

    Prashant T1 August 2014, Mumbai
  • “ Hello Team, It's easy to do the process online and very time saving as well.”

    It's easy to do the process online and very time saving as well.

    Selvaraj O3 September 2014, Delhi
  • “bought policy online”

    Really appreciate the response of your team in settling my claim. Thanks​

    Sandeep Bhojani14 July 2014, Mumbai
  • “good travel insurance cover​”

    I bought travel insurance because my family insisted. But I am glad, did. Would like to thank you for providing full support towards my claim and a hassle free process.

    Avinash Sahani20 August 2014, Gorakhpur
  • “Thank you team for fast claim settlement”

    ​Thank you team for a fast claim settlement.

    Avnish S29 July 2014, Delhi
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