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The claim submission process is as follows:

We aim to make claim process as smooth as possible for your convenience. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Register your claim by calling our Toll free Helpline no. 1800 3009 as soon as the claim occurs.

Step 2: Take your vehicle to any of our authorized network garages for repair. Submit the require documents to the surveyor.

Step 3: Company confirms liability

Step 4: If you opt for cashless facility, get your vehicle repaired by our company-authorised garages. We will settle the repair bills directly with the garage up to the amount payable

Step 5: In case you do not opt for cashless facility, you have to pay for the repair charges. You can then submit the bills and claim form to the surveyor/company for settlement

Step 6: Vehicle Delivery

Do's & Don'ts:

Apart from this process, you need to keep in mind certain Do's and Don’ts when your vehicle is lost or damaged.

Contact Reliance General Insurance to intimate the claim within 24 hours of the accident. Call at 1800 3009 (Toll free)
Leave the vehicle unattended or unlocked, as any theft of car parts or accessories thereafter will not be honoured by the company.
Mention the policy number or vehicle number to intimate the claim.Drive the vehicle after the accident, especially if there is any leakage of oil or coolant, because any extension further to the damages will not be covered under the policy
Take the vehicle to the nearest garage of your choice / cashless workshop authorised by Reliance General Insurance.Start repairs on the vehicle without any survey or inspection by an official of Reliance General Insurance.
Provide a copy of the car driver's license, self-attested copy of the RC Book along with the signed Claim Form to the garage. 

Pay the difference in amount if you're at a preferred workshop or cashless garage and take the delivery of the vehicle.

(Pay the full amount if the vehicle is repaired at a workshop that is not listed in our cashless/preferred garages and send the bills & receipt to us for reimbursement. Please note that if the amount is above Rs. 20,000/- a re-inspection will be conducted.)


Additional Information:

  • In case of Commercial Vehicles, please inform our call center immediately after the accident, so that we can arrange for an immediate survey at the accident spot. The vehicle can be moved to a garage after the survey is conducted. The owner-driver should inform the company about the garage details, so we can appoint a surveyor to assess the complete loss.
  • In case a third party is involved, you must go to a nearby police station and file an FIR.
  • If any additional documentation is required for specific claims, we will let you know separately.

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