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HealthWise Mediclaim Policy


Reliance HealthWise Policy
​7% Discount
for girl child​​
Also covers
Critical Illness
No sub-limit
on room rent


We know that you have heard enough about health insurance policies. Promise we won't preach! Presenting Reliance HealthWise Policy - an affordable and comprehensive policy which helps you take care of the most important aspect of your life - your health!

Select a plan that suits your need:​

BenefitsGold PlanSilver PlanStandard Plan
Hospitalisation YesYesYes
Hospitalisation ​​
Day Care TreatmentYes- As listed in Annexure 1
Pre-Hospitalisation Medical Expenses60 days60 days30 days
Post-Hospitalisation Medical Expenses90 days90 days60 days
Pre-Existing DiseaseAfter 2 continuous renewalsAfter 2 continuous renewalsAfter 4 continuous renewals
Cost of Health Check-upYesYesYes
Critical IllnessYesNoNo
Donor ExpensesYesYesNo

  • We cover hospitalisation expenses for period more than 24 hours only
  • Domiciliary Hospitalisation is limited to 10% of sum insured, for medical expenses incurred for availing medical treatment at home which would have otherwise required hospitalisation
  • Reimbursement of cost of medical check-up upto 1% of average sum insured for individual policies and upto 1.25% for floater covers, once at the end of a block of four consecutive years, provided there are no claims reported under the policies by any member, during the block
Complementary Benefits:

Benefi​tsGold PlanSilver PlanStandard Plan
Expenses on accompanying person (per day amount)Rs.300/- per day for a maximum period of 5 daysRs.250/- per day for a maximum period of 5 daysRs.200/- per day for a maximum period of 5 days
Local Road Ambulance Service (maximum of)Upto Rs.1000/-Upto Rs.750/-Upto Rs.500/-
Daily Hospitalisation AllowanceRs.250 per day up to 7 daysNoNo
Nursing Allowance (Per day amount)Rs.300 per day for a maximum period of 5 daysRs.250 per day for a maximum period of 5 daysNo
Recovery Benefit#YesYesNo

# In case an insured person is hospitalised for more than 10 days, a lump-sum of Rs.10,000/- will be paid. ​

Discounts for you- ​

one girl
4% discount
for one daughter*​
one girl
7​% discount
for two daughters​*​
No-claim discount
of upto 20%*


  • 4% discount i​n case 'one daughter’ is covered in a policy (either 2 adults +​ 1 child or 2 adults + 2 children)
  • 7% discount in case two daughters are covered in 2 adults + 2 children policy
  • No-claim discount of 5% is applicable for every claim-free year. Maximum discount availed can be 20%.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​

What does my policy cover?

​​With Reliance HealthWise policy, we offer comprehensive and affordable health insurance. The Health policy provides cover for:

​Hospitalisation Expenses

  • Complete hospitalization cover
  • Inclusive of doctor fees
  • Nursing expenses, OT charges
  • Medicines and drugs
  • Anesthesia and oxygen administration expenses
  • Surgical appliances, pacemaker and radiotherapy

Day-Care Treatment

  • Coverage for treatment where the insured person requires less than 24 hours of hospitalisation due to advanced technology
  • Subject to treatment or surgeries listed in the policy document

Domiciliary Hospitalization

Policy covers expenses incurred towards treatment administered at home, in case of below mentioned reasons:

  • Patient’s medical condition restricting him/her from being shifted to hospital
  • Lack of accommodation in any hospital or nursing home

Pre- and Post-Hospitalisation

  • We cover you for a specified number of days before and after hospitalization for the illness mentioned in your policy.

Donor Expenses

  • We will cover you for the expenses incurred by the donor in case of major organ transplant (available only under Gold and Silver Plans)

Value Added Covers

  • Under Reliance HealthWise Insurance you can avail value added covers like:
  • Nursing Allowance for a maximum period of five days, on recommendation of the treating Medical Practitioner
  • Expenses for domestic road ambulance services to the nearest hospital
  • Expenses of an accompanying person at the Hospital/Nursing Home for a maximum of five days
  • Reimbursement of cost of health check-up after four claim-free renewals

What does my policy cover?

The best way to understand your medical insurance cover is to know the exclusions of your health policy equally well. Things not covered under Reliance HealthWise Insurance are:

  • Any pre–existing illness for the first two years/ four years of the policy as per the plan selected
  • Specified illnesses for the 1st year
  • Specified illnesses in the case of domiciliary hospitalisation
  • Treatment related to HIV / AIDS
  • Treatment due to abuse of alcohol or intoxicants
  • Vaccination and inoculation
  • Nuclear and war perils
  • Naturopathy treatment​​

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  • “Hassle free process by Reliance”

    I applied for a car insurance policy via the reliance general website. After the purchase of the policy, I got an email of the policy. The response has been quick and I even get updates on my mail. Pretty cool.

    Ujjwal B20 June 2017, Mumbai
  • “Great buying experience on Reliance General Website”

    I wasn't sure about purchasing a policy online. I used to have an agent but I decided to buy a car policy independently this time. The online research took a while but it was definitely worth it. Got a great deal on this vehicle insurance policy and save a lot. Bye-Bye agent. Welcome online insurance purchase.

    Anand L19 June 2017, Nellore
  • “Very courteous support team”

    Very courteous support team. They guided me on chat while I was purchasing the motor insurance policy.

    Dhan CS16 June 2017, Bengaluru
  • “Reliance gives a very good no claim bonus discount”

    Reliance gives a very good no claim bonus discount. With the GST approaching, the car insurance premium will rise. So good time to buy insurance and they are giving a good discount on the vehicle policy. Discount + no claim bonus = lots of savings.

    Uruj M15 June 2017, New Delhi
  • “Best car insurance company I came across”

    I wanted to take the best car insurance company out there in the market as my Mercedes is really precious to me. A friend suggested reliance general to me and so after some preliminary research I purchased the policy. I even got a good no claim bonus discount. Thanks.

    Roslinda B14 June 2017, Chennai
  • “Road side assistance service is bang on”

    Taking my time out to appreciate the claim settlement team of reliance. The road side assistance service is bang on (the only company to give rsa free worth 500), the claims team was quick and helpful. The accident wasn't a major one but it definitely helped that these guys were there.

    Subramaniyam P14 June 2017, Nagpur
  • “Reliance call centre helped me”

    I ended up filling the quote form and left it. A guy called me on the same day, listened to what I wanted, gave me advice on how much coverage should I take on my car insurance policy and even helped me make the purchase.

    Shankar R13 June 2017, Mumbai
  • “Buying policy is very easy”

    Purchased their car insurance policy online. I was at work and busy. Luckily I just had to enter my car number, I got the quote quickly. Since I was only renewing my policy, just had to make the payment. Thanks.

    Ghanshyam S12 June 2017, Pune
  • “Free Roadside assistance rocks!”

    I was driving on the western express highway and a guy came from behind and crashed into my car. I was shocked and scared. Someone told me we�ll need a towing vehicle to take this car to the garage. This is when I used their road side assistance service I got with my car insurance. They handled the situation really well. After that day I recommend people to buy this policy.

    Nilesh S9 June 2017, Goa
  • “Overall a well-rounded policy”

    Overall a well-rounded policy. The price and the coverage are both competitive. I purchased this policy as I got a good discount. Had to buy before GST kicks in as the premium will rise due to higher taxes.

    Nilay K8 June 2017, Alibaug
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